Thomas Stanger, Ph.D.

Counseling and Consultation Services

To live life more fully

Working through problems that inhibit living well, and the hope that it is possible to live life more fully, bring individuals to therapy. I understand that choosing to pursue professional counseling can be a difficult, yet an equally important decision.

My focus conducting therapy is to foster salutary insight and experience that leads to growth in both heart and mind.  I strive to make therapy uniquely personal, as best fits each individual. A foundation of trust and safety is essential for a person to risk the vulnerability needed to explore aspects of life and self that can be sensitive and wounded, often previously neglected, avoided or minimized.  Dealing efficaciously with the roots of depression, anxiety and injuries to self-concept that stem from those psychological and emotional difficulties requires openness beyond one’s familiar norms of personal interactions.

I have been growing my knowledge base and therapy skills for over 25 years. Clients value my ability and flexibility to facilitate an effective healing process, and my personal, no-nonsense style. Good therapy is built on a balance of challenge and support that is developed in cooperative fashion with each client, regardless of issues, diagnosis or conceptual boxes one has felt trapped by. I have integrated many therapeutic approaches over the years, allowing me to adapt an approach that facilitates interpersonal collaborations that best fit the individual and their unique circumstances. I provide the professional perspective, understanding and non-judgmental human interaction to make healing possible.

Clients describe my style as highly personal – heavy as needed, with a balance of light and humor, knowledgeable combined with an authentic, down to earth way of connecting.  I will utilize creative metaphors and new ways of thinking to reflect and vivify experiences and understanding in a way that enables possibilities for growth beyond what they thought they could.

Initial Consultation

I invite you to call for a phone consultation (no charge) to discuss what you hope to glean from therapy and ask any questions you might have about my approach and the therapy process. This initial conversation usually provides enough information to evaluate the likelihood of a good fit for working together.

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Spring Daffodils in Forest Park (Doug Ash, Photographer)